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Oil Painting Workshop with Andries Gouws from Stellenbosch, start 6 & 13 October 2014. Only 10 students per course, 5 days per workshop. Book now...


Studio Collective operates from our Clubview studio in Centurion, Pretoria where a number of art courses for all ages and levels are available. Please check the website for course updates and view our contact details. We are interested in collaboration between studios. Please contact us should you be interested.


Clubview Art Studio

Studio Collective runs art courses from their Clubview studio in Pretoria.

Studio Collective is dedicated to the development and expansion of the visual scope, appreciation and imaginative thinking of adults and children through artistic media, studio classes, workshops and lectures. There is a wide appreciation of visual culture and cultural diversity. Individuals and groups, artists, teachers and students are invited to thrive through collaboration and exchange in a nurturing and stimulating environment.


The verbal ability to communicate concepts and to analyse visual processes is a significant aspect of studio practice for both adults and scholars.


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Adult short courses

The Clubview studio offers adult classes during the morning and evening. At present there are courses offered in Drawing and Painting in various disciplines and media. In addition, Creative Journaling and Writing, Puppetry, Collage, Art Portfolio Critique and Visual Literacy Sessions are offered. For those inclined, the studio also offers art retreats in different parts of the country from time to time.


pastel lanscape

Pastel landscape by Stefanie Kluever in the Adult Colour and Mixed Media Course

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Scholars from all grades are invited to interact artistically and socially in inspiring and enriching art classes in the afternoon and holidays. Our approach is multi-disciplinary, nurturing and fun, intended to awaken awareness of, and enthusiasm for the visual arts. While the value of drawing as an essential medium of communication and expression is emphasised, students are encouraged to experiment and explore through a variety of media and techniques.



Collage done by Aidan Taylor (12 yrs) in 2006

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Debbie painting a portrait

Debbie Russell busy on a portrait in the Oil Painting Class

studio collective

Drawing Marathon mural (2008)

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