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We have pleasure in inviting you to the open day of

Studio Collective and t.i.m.e. in association with the
Academy College TM (Sports and Arts High School)

Saturday 30 August 2008, 10h00 to 13h00

SAX : Sport and Art Exchange, John Vorster Drive Ext.
Southdowns, IRENE


Please confirm you attendance and number of guests:

Sandy Richards, 012 665 0293, 083 600 2463


Arrival & Refreshments 10h00 - 10h30

Welcome & Entertainment 10h30 - 11h30

Music & Art Studio Tours 11h30 - 13h00

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studio collective

Studio Collective is dedicated to the development and expansion of the visual scope, appreciation and imaginative thinking of adults and children. Visual Arts professionals with established credentials have been recruited for studio-based teaching in both traditional and digital media.


Studio Collective offers stimulating enrichment classes to the general public and an advanced IEB-accredited curriculum for students of its visual arts academy. During the course of their studies, students will produce a substantial portfolio of an international standard – a prerequisite for further studies in the fields of arts and design.


A variety of studio courses and activities are open to the public – regardless of age, artistic ability or technical skill. Emphasis is place on the recreational and therapeutic value of creative artistic activities, and there are also special classes and courses for children in the afternoons, on weekend and during the holidays.


Gallery Collective will host exhibitions, lectures and demonstrations.


academy college partner


Admissions, registrations and enquiries
Toni van Jaarsveldt, 073 707 3399

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the institute of music excellence

t.i.m.e. is a dynamic, new academy designed to revolutionise the way students experience music. The practical aspects of music theory and performance are supported by a programme that exposes the students to the structure and operation of the South African music industry - examining the many facets of creating, performing and enjoying music to enable them to excel in both academic and performance fields.


Utilising state-of-the-art facilities and South Africa's top musicians as tutors and course designers, t.i.m.e. empowers its' students with the knowledge and aptitude to pursue a financially viable musical career in South Africa's booming music industry.


Students in the t.i.m.e. academy programme will participate in an IEB-accredited music curriculum, with academic schooling implemented by Academy CollegeTM. t.i.m.e. will also provide extra curricular programmes and part-time courses in various instruments to the general public.


t.i.m.e. also provides rehearsal facilities to the public, with three venues equipped with a full backline of equipment. In addition, artists who wish to record demos can use the fully-equipped LP Media Recording Studio.


academy college partner


073 707 3399, info@timemusic.co.za


Music pre-launch auditions
18 - 22 August 2008
To register, contact Sheldon Rocha Leal
012 665 0293, sheldon@timemusic.co.za


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studio collective


the institue of music excellence


Academy College


John Clarke

John Clarke addressing the crowd

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