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senior ACADEMY

It is essential to approach the choosing and planning of the Senior Academy course in an organic way i.e. the courses are chosen according to the identified special aptitudes of the students. Courses, lectures and activities need to be appropriately structured so that skills learned may be further developed, challenged and integrated in related areas of interest for the student.


Megyn Olver: Mixed Media in the Senior Academy

Megyn Olver: Mixed Media in the Senior Academy

Students will be encouraged to explore cross-disciplinary possibilities and to challenge perceived limits in creative thinking. Visits to exhibitions and lectures will assist them in establishing a broad understanding of contemporary movements in art and design and an awareness of the role of art as an expression of cultural heritage. Fieldwork, research and tours will extend and enrich the programme, where the student requires it.


As younger members of an expanding global visual culture they will be made aware of the value of visual and aesthetic literacy. Critical thinking relating to the visual arts and the verbal ability to communicate is a significant aspect of studio practice. Students will participate in constructive art critique sessions.


Projects embrace a multi-disciplinary approach and revolve around some the following:

  • Training in the basic formal elements
  • Various types of drawing as a foundation, including life drawing, right hemisphere and experimental drawing, calligraphy, perspective, etc.
  • Traditional and non-traditional painting media and mixed media
  • Design workshops e.g fashion, illustration, interior


Age Group GRADES 7-12

R 660 for four weeks

Sessions 2 hour session per week



basics supplied, student to supplement with specialist materials


Specialised classes

Specialised classes and one-on-one classes can also be arranged. Pricing will be dependent on the nature of the course, the number of students and the specialist required to run the course.

History of Art

If required, assistance with the school History of Art component of the matriculation examination can be arranged.


To enquire please contact Alexandra Blaauw-Reenalda on 073 799 5588 or email


Assistance is offered to scholars who take art as a matric subject and to those who wish to build up a portfolio for application to tertiary studies in the visual arts.


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Madeleine Sullivan: Pastel drawing from life: Senior Academy

A contemporary twist on a PreRaphaelite painting, Megyn Olver created this mixed media work by weaving paper and traditional and non-traditional media and techniques. this was done in the Senior Academy programme.

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