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Passion and compassion in life and work

07 - 17 January 2009. (view poster)


The Personal Leadership through Art Course will entail three day sessions with two days off in-between i.e. the 10th and 14th December 2009. The course will cost R5500.00 inclusively.


Personal Leadership through Art is run by three Dutch facilitators, Marline de la Rive Box, Marlies te Witt and Gré Terpstra, who were trained at the Academy for Art Therapy, The Wervel. They have worked together on various projects since 1988, and have run this course as well as the Bridging Polarities through Art training at the Centre for Creative Education (Waldorf teacher training Centre) in Plumstead, Cape Town. They are currently supporting the first South African facilitated Bridging Polarities through Art training in Cape Town.


During the course the student works experientially with painting, drawing and modeling, voice expression, theatre improvisations, dance and movement, creative writing and co-counseling. It is not necessary to be an artist of any kind. The course is for artist and non-artist alike, the emphasis lying on the therapeutic exploration of the various disciplines and their effectiveness in bringing one into contact with one's inner process. It is a very gentle, compassionate course, but one that is profound in its transformative aspect.


Personal Leadership through Art can accommodate no more than 18 participants. The facilitators have also indicated that this will be the last time that they run the course.


Should you wish to participate please contact

Gillian Conry-Taylor: cell 082 8246707;

Email: gill@artscollective.co.za


For further information about the course and the facilitators please refer to the website www.leadershipthroughart.nl

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